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  I. Reception入园接待


  1. Hi! / Hello! 你好!

  2. Good morning. 早上好。

同学聚会的经典句子  3. Hello, nice to meet you. / Nice to see you. 你好,见到你真高兴 。 

  4. How are you? I am fine, thank you. 你好吗?我很好,谢谢。 

  5. Please say bye-bye to your mummy / daddy. 请和妈妈/爸爸说再见。

  6. Come in, please. 请进。

  7. Come on. / come here, please. 请过来。

  8. Take off your coat. 脱掉外套。

  9. Please put on your morning check- card. 请把晨检牌带好。 Group Activity集体活动

  1. Are you ready? 准备好了吗?

  2. Let’s start. 让我们开始。

  3. Who can tell me? / Who can answer me? 谁能告诉我?谁能回答?

  4. Look at me. 看着我。

  5. Look at the blackboard. 看黑板。

  6. Be quite. / Keep quite. 保持安静。

  7. Sit well. / Sit nicely. 坐好。

  8. Put up your hand. / Put down your hand. 把手举起来 / 把手放下。

  9. Stop talking. 别说话。

  10. Is that clear? / Do you understand? 清楚了么?你明白吗?

  11. Read with me. 和我一起读。

  12. Return to your seat. 回座位。

  13. Stand up. / Sit down. 起立 / 坐下。

  14. Listen carefully. 仔细听。

  15. Listen to me. / Listen to the music. 听我说 / 听音乐。

  16. Say it in English. 用英语说。

  17. Do you know? 你知道吗?

  18. Let’s play a game. 让我们来做游戏。

  19. Let’s write / draw something. 让我们来写点什麽 / 画点什麽。

  20. Let’s dancing / singing. 让我们来跳舞唱歌。

  21. Let’s listen to a story. 让我们听个故事。

  22. Let’s listen to the tape. 让我们听磁带。

  23. Let’s watch TV / a play. 让我们看电视 / 看表演。

  24. Let’s say it together. 让我们一起说。

  25. What did you hear? 你听到什麽了?

  26. Who has finished? 谁做完了?

  27. Who want to try? 谁想试试? 英 体 贤 才

  28. How do you know? 你怎麽知道的?

  29. Which one do you like? 你喜欢哪一个?

  30. Put your hands on your knees. 把手放在膝盖上。

  31. Attention. 注意。

  32. You are right. 你是正确的。

  33. You are so good! 你真棒!

  34. Paint it in red. 把它涂成红色。

  35. Open / close your book, please. 打开/ 合上你的'书。

  36. Don’t be afraid / shy. 别害怕 / 害羞。

  III. Outdoor Activity 户外活动

  1. It’s time for morning exercises. 早操时间到了。

  2. Let’s go out / outside. 让我们到室外去。

  3. Let’s go downstairs. 让我们到楼下去。

  4. Let’s play on the ground. 让我们去操场上玩。

  5. Line up. 排队。

  6. Two line. 2条队。

  7. At ease! / Attention. / Eyes front. / Hands down. 稍息 / 立正 / 向前看 / 手放下

  8. Let’s go. 让我们走。

  9. Stop. 停。

  10. Count off 报数。

  11. Hurry up. 快点。

  12. Be careful. 小心。

  13. One by one. 一个接着一个。

  14. Be slowly, take easy. 慢点, 别着急。

  15. Don’t move. 别动。

  16. Let’s have a race. 让我们来个比赛。

  17. Hand in hand. 手拉手。

  18. Make a circle. 围一个圈。

  19. Jump on one foot. 单脚跳。

  20. Fall in. / Fall out. 集合。/ 解散。

  21. Run. 跑。

  22. Wonderful! / Great! 太棒了!

  23. You are the winner. 你是胜利者。

  24. You are the first. 你是第一名。

  25. Are you tired? / Let’s have a rest. 你累了吗?/ 让我们休息一下。

  26. Let’s go back to the classroom. 让我们回教室。

  27. Don’t push other people / children. 别推别人。 / 别推别的小朋友。

  28. Stop pushing. 不许推搡。

  IV. Washing and Eating 讲卫生和进餐

  1. Use soap to wash your hands. 用香皂洗手。

  2. Dry your hands with your towel. 用毛巾把手擦干。

  3. Please go to the toilet / bathroom, boys go first. 男孩先去洗手间。

  4. Turn the tap off, when you have down. 洗完手后,把水龙头关了。

  5. Show me your hands, are they clean / dirty? 让我看看你的手干净了吗? / 脏吗?

  6. Are you thirsty? / Are you hungry? 你渴吗?/ 你饿吗?

  7. Please take your cup. 请拿你的杯子。

  8. Have some water. 喝点水。

  9. It’s time for lunch. 午饭时间到了。

  10. Don’t spill your foods on the table. 别把你的食物洒在桌子上。

  11. Please finish it. 把它吃完。

  12. Would you like some rice or soup? 你想要一些米饭还是汤?

  13. Do you want to more? 你要加一些吗?

  14. Eat a little more. 在多吃一点。

  15. Don’t play with your foods. 别玩食物。

  16. Eat properly. 好好吃。

  17. Are you full? 饱了吗?

  18. Wipe your mouth. 擦嘴。

  19. Rinse out your mouth. 漱口。

  20. Please keep the table clean. 请保持桌面干净。

  21. Let’s go out for a walk. 让我们出去走走。

  22. Is it delicious? 它好吃吗?

  V. Sleeping time and Tea time 午睡和午点

  1. It’s bed time. 午睡时间到了。

  2. Take off your clothes / coat / trousers / shoes. 脱衣服 / 外套 / 裤子 / 鞋。

  3. Fold up your clothes / coat / trousers / shoes. 叠好衣服 / 外套 / 裤子,放好鞋。

  4. Go to sleep. 睡觉。

  5. Close your eyes. 闭眼。

  6. Cover yourself up. 盖好被子。

  7. Put hands into the quilt. 把手放进被子里。

  8. Wake up. / get up. 叫醒。 / 起来。

  9. Put on your clothes. 穿衣服。

  10. Dress yourself. 自己穿衣服

  11. Fold up your quilt. 叠被子。

  12. Do your buttons. 扣*子。

  13. Tuck your shirt into your pants. 把衣服掖进裤子里。

  14. Comb your hair. 梳头。

  15. Please eat some snack. 请吃些午点。

  16. Daily conversation. 日常会话。

  17. Excuse me. 打扰了。

  18. Wait a minute. 等一下。

  19. What are you doing? 你在干什麽?

  20. Can I help you? 我能帮你吗?

  21. What’s wrong? 怎麽了?

  22. Why are you up set? 为什麽你不高兴了?

  23. Don’t cry, I will play with you. 别哭,我和你一起玩。

  24. Leave me along. /don’t bother me. 离我远点。 别烦我。

  25. I am sorry. 对不起。

  26. Pardon. 重说一边。

  27. Look out. 当心。

  28. Keep away. 离远点。

  29. You are very clever! 你真聪明!

  30. How beautiful your clothes are! 你的衣服是多麽的漂亮呀!

  31. Clap your hands. 拍手。

  32. That’s a good idea. 它是一个好主意。

  33. Softly. 轻轻的。

  34. Pick it up. 把它捡起来。

  35. Good bye. 再见。

  36. See you tomorrow. 明天见。











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